Charamporn Jotikasthira the president of Thai Airways International said that the airlines aims to be the safest carrier in the Asia Pacific region in 2015. It was informed that the airline is currently undergoing an internal audit procedure in terms of the safety issues raised by the International Civil Aviation Organization.


The Thai Airlines International is planning to talk to a third party , the group that had certified the airline members of Star Alliance to take part in the safety Audit at Thai. The president said, “If we pass this audit procedure, the airline should not worry about security checks by any aviation authority”.

The airline will be suspending the dividend payments due to the huge losses in 2014. Thai has assured that the financial condition and performance will improve in 2015. The president informed that the meeting to approve company’s proposal not to pay dividends was approved to the shareholders in 2015 as the company suffered a loss of 15 billion baht in 2014.

Thai Airlines International said that the decision was taken in accordance to the policy to distribute dividends of no less than 25 percent of consolidated net profit on foreign exchange with subject to future investments.

Photo Credits: supplychaindigital


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