The Aviation Ministry, India has been asked by a Parliamentary panel on April 28, 2015 to regulate the air ticket fares so as to ensure that they remain in the reasonable limits. The panel has observed that at present there is no transparent mechanism that helps to regulate the airfares.

It was also observed that the benefit of the reduction of price of Aviation Turbine Fuel was not passed on to the passengers. Reports from the news agency have revealed that the observations have been made by the department, which opines that the Airlines have been charging as much as they can and the travellers are unaware of the fares.

The panel also observed that the existing system has failed and that it strongly feels that the ministry must step up and put a regulatory mechanism in place to see that the airfares remain in the reasonable range. The recommendations have come from the panel at a time when steep fluctuations are expected in airfares in the country.

The panel has opined that there is an issue of predatory pricing of air tickets that may be due to some understanding among the airlines. It has also been advised that adequate seats must be reserved for last minute bookings with affordable fares for people having medical emergencies or people carrying a corpse.

Photo Credits: indianexpress


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