Asia Bizz: Range Rover Evoque: Two Door SUV To Debut In Paris?

Range Rover is in the news again, and this time we are speaking of the Range Rover Evoque, which could be two door SUV, and is scheduled to debut at the Paris Motor show on the 30th of September. It is said the the new upcoming model is a concept version of the LRX, which will be unveiled at Paris.

Land Rover states that it wants to make a new presence in the market with a latest version in the SUV category that will be subtle to everyone. The latest model is more compact, with a better engine that has a good mileage and smarter looks. The company says it will be attracting customers who have never opted for a Range Rover before.

But then the critics come up with questions like, what does a two door make sense on an SUV, perhaps if people prefer to spend most of their time alone on an off-road or a country region with only of their friends or close ones,this could be a perfect vehicle. The Americans had the two door SUV’s in the past and they were adorable and successful.


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