After the launch of the much awaited Apple Watch, it has already started receiving a few negative feedback from the users. Some of the users have reported skin irritation due to the material used on the Apple Watch.

A few images have surfaced online which have shown the users suffering from a rash where the band is placed and is leading to a skin allergy. The first images appeared on an Italian website where a few users complained of bad rashes. Another user also reported a similar issue that caused him skin irritation after wearing the Apple Sport Watch.

On the other hand Apple has noted the problem and has also dedicated a support page where it is given a few clarifications. The support page has said that the device has been tested a number of times and that the company has also consulted board-certified dermatologists so as to make sure that the material used in the Apple Watch does not cause any harm to the users.

Apple has also said that the users need to use the device properly so as to avoid such problems. The users should not wear the device too tight or too loose. The support page has also stated that a small number of people can experience reactions to certain materials.

Photo Credits: idownloadblog