The Chinese government is now having a close watch on the China’s new tourists and have opined that their behaviour impacts the global image of the country. Four people have already been blacklisted in the country and have been listed in the tourism blacklist that was created to punish the citizens who are caught misbehaving at home and abroad.

One of the Chinese teenagers had stood on top of a statue of a Chinese soldier in the northeastern China and took pictures that were later posted on the social network. The government of China says that the teenager will now be blacklisted and banned from travelling in groups for ten years.

Editor at Foreign Policy Magazine Rachel Lu said that the government is having a close watch at the tourists as their behaviour impacts the country’s image abroad. Lu added, “I think in recent years because of the explosion of Chinese tourists abroad they have gotten a lot of negative attention for what they are doing, you know, cutting in line, crowding, taking pictures”.

The teen has been identified as Li Wenchun, who was at the Red Army Memorial Garden. It is a place where the Red Army took shelter after a Long March through China in the 1950s.

Photo Credits: ttrweekly