Asia Bizz: Facebook Founder And CEO, Mark Zuckerberg To Donate $100 Million To Newark Schools

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, 26, will be doing a massive donation of $100 million to the Newark Schools, New Jersey. This will be one of the most generous moments in his life as he will be lending a strong hand to these schools, as it is considered one of the worst performing public school system in the United States.

The Newark Schools spend some $22,000 on each of their 40000 students at the academy, and sadly only half of them manage to Graduate. It is also noticed that almost 85% of the of the pupils at the School need remedial help in subjects like Maths and English.

Zuckerberg a youngster himself understands the school system in the United States, and that he feel that he too should be a part of the help which will improve the American education system. This donation by Facebook is coming during the period when wealthy people and organizations around America are funding many of the education systems in the US. Zuckerberg has been in the Charitable field since a long time, but they were never publicized.


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