North Korea has been hit with the worst drought in the century. The recent condition has increased fears of worsening food shortages. State based news agency has informed that some of the main rice growing provinces have been badly affected due to drought. More than 30 % of the rice paddies are reportedly ‘parching up’.

The widespread famine condition during the 90s in North Korea had claimed lives of thousands. Correspondents have said that the latest drought condition is likely to be similar due to the recent agricultural reforms. According to the United Nations World Food Program, North Korea regularly faces significant food shortages. At present more than third of the children in the country are malnourished.

It is not very usual to talk about the shortages so openly which has indicated that the problem might be actually serious and this has also indicated that North Korea might need help from outside.

North Korea had faced a famine condition during the 90s and since then the farmers have been given greater freedom to sell on market after which the output has increased. The water levels in the reservoirs are at their lowest while the rivers and streams are getting dry. Reports say that the farmers are planting other crops in the rice paddy fields to reduce damage.
Photo Credits: armenpress