Asia Bizz: Microsoft Stalls Windows 7 Upgrade Ahead Of The Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft Corp. has stalled Windows 7 OS upgrade, just ahead of the release of the Internet Explorer 9. We cant say if Microsoft is a victim of its own hype, as it has prepared a lot before the launch of the Internet Explorer 9, and that it does not have sufficient time to upgrade the Windows 7.

On the other hand, Microsoft has told the Businesses to upgrade the OS’s to Windows 7 latest version, in order to make the IE9 code compatible. Now where is the snitch here? Is Microsoft stuck in its own web of promises and when will it present an upgrade to the Windows 7.

The Microsoft Corp. has boasted a lot about the latest IE9 and has said that it will be matching its performance with the latest browsers available in the market. But how can we run the IE9 without a proper upgrade in the Windows 7, as it is not compatible with the XP.


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