Asia Bizz: Australia Says Awarding Commonwealth Games 2010 To India Was Wrong Decision

CWG 2010 – John Coates, the President of Australia’s Olympic Committee said that the decision to hold the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India was wrong in the first place since he felt that the Commonwealth Games Federation was not equipped with resources to track the progress of construction and monitor dead lines.

In a radio interview, Coates said, “The Games shouldn’t have been awarded to Delhi in hindsight.”

Reports state that nine athletes have already withdrawn themselves from participating in the 2010 games, due to health and security reasons.

Mike Fennell, the Commonwealth Games Federation President said, “The problem is the Commonwealth Games Federation is under resourced. It doesn’t have the ability to monitor the progress of cities in the way the [International] Olympic Committee does.”

He further added, “It is vital that all remedial work that has already started continues with the greatest urgency and we all must ensure that a suitable environment is provided to ensure the welfare of the athletes and their support staff.”

The Indian Prime Minister has given the CWG committee 24 hours to finish work in the Games village.


  1. Half of the bad mouth is created by Australia.
    True that there were some issues ,but whether its to an extend Austalia had projected is something debatable.

    For sometime Austalians are little worried.
    They are little jealous of the increasing clout of China and India. Same time they need the money from India , want to do business from India. Dont show double standards. They have their eye for Olymbics and CWG , but couldnt manage to muster support for it. Thats another reason they are going jealous !

    If you see mostly this news are originated from Australia itself. True that some other media took clue from them.