With the growing concern of air pollution in many countries in the world, British businessman Leo De Watts came up with a unique idea of selling fresh air. With China facing the maximum issue of polluted air, the buyers are actually convinced to buy fresh air in bottles costing £80 per bottle.
De Watts sells 580 ml glass jars in the pollution hit country. The air jars are more popular in Beijing and Shanghai. The air farming company Aethaer has managed to sell hundreds of containers with clean breeze from some of the windy locations in Britain including Wales, Somerset and Dorset.
Watts sets off with a car filled with empty jars at 5 a.m. and the farming team harvests air in some large nets and seals them in to the glass jars before it is shipped across the globe. De Watts explained, “Quite often a lot of our orders are bespoke — we have clients who request very particular circumstances for their air”.
After the jar of fresh air is opened, it might last for a few seconds and that many of the customers are purchasing the jars as a novelty gift that can be kept in the house unopened. The entrepreneur selling the air jars is currently in Hong Kong selling at the local market.

Photo Credits: cdnph