Asia Bizz: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Will Have Tethering Feature

World biggest technology giant, Microsoft, has stated that it will be launching its latest Windows Phone 7, and this latest smartphone OS will be having the capability of tethering. Microsoft has been in the mobile OS market since many years and this time they have launched an ultimate OS that can prove to be competitive against the other smartphone OS’s.

Microsoft states that tethering allows the smartphone device to be used as a modem, and that one can use it on laptops and other modem compatible devices. Brandon Watson, the director of the Widows Phone 7, stated that their latest OS will be featuring Tethering, but it will be completely up to the operator to activate the service or not.

For the moment only Google’s Nexus One has the ability to Tether, and that it takes a small amount of fee to use the gadget’s web service on laptops and other devices. Microsoft on the other hand, is the world’s biggest tech company, is looking ahead to render this service to its customers and users in the coming future.