Asia Bizz: Google’s Birthday Today – Cake Google Doodle By Wayne Thiebaud Celebrates 12 Years Of Internet Giant

Google’s 12th Birthday – Google is all set to celebrate it’s 12th birthday today and what a better way to let the world know about it than with a Google Doodle by Wayne Thiebaud. A picture of a cake with a single candle representing the alphabet ‘L’ of “Google”, greets users who visit Google’s search engine page today.

Happy Birthday Google!

Google Inc., a California-based company founded by by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, reportedly became incorporated as a private company back on 27th September 1998. The company celebrates their 12th birthday on Monday and users can see a very special birthday cake Google doodle created by Wayne Thiebaud, a 89-year-old Los Angeles artist.

In the 12 years that Google has been around, the company has introduced the world to a number of products including it’s free e-mail service called Gmail, social networking site “Orkut”, chat software “gTalk”, in addition to a web browser called “Google Chrome”, besides several acquisitions such as “Picasa” – a photo organization software, “Youtube”, Android, online advertising company DoubleClick, FeedBurner among several others.

The Google Doodle celebrating Google’s 12th birthday


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