Asia Bizz: Southwest Airlines US All Set To Buy Its Competitor AirTran For $1.4 Billion

Southwest Airlines US is all set to buy its airline competitor AirTran for $1.4 billion. The merger of the two massive airlines will be taking place at Midway International Airport. The merger of the two airline companies will be helping the airlines gain more profitability annually, as the number of planes in the company will get together, which means that they will be having more flights to offer.

The merger of the two companies is a positive sign in the airline industry, where mergers between airlines is taking place on a large scale. One of the important mergers in the airline industry will be between Northwest and Delta, and the pending stock-swap deal between United and Continental.

The merger of Southwest with AirTran will make airline even larger as it is already the largest carrier in the US. Southwest ferries more passengers in its airlines than any other in the US. The company has stated that there will be strong improvements in the profit earning of the company, once the merger is complete.


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