Asia Bizz: Windows Phone 7: Handsets With Latest OS, Expected To Do Good Business Next Year

Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 OS is expected to provide good business to the phones which will be offering the OS next year. The expected launch of the latest mobile operating system is scheduled for the next month, but some reports have stated that the launch could go ahead till November. On the other hand the company is hoping that it will be targeting a preferably good sales figures for the next year.

Microsoft is looking ahead to produce its own Smart phone which will feature the Windows Phone 7 OS, sometime by next year. But the plans to produce a Microsoft smartphone by the company are very bright.

The sources at Microsoft have stated that there will be two variants of the Windows Phone 7 smartphones, one will be a large touch screen which will also have a qwerty keypad, and the other will be based on the BlackBerry chassis with a qwerty keypad. But the designs will seem to be more consumer focused by Microsoft.


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