Asia Bizz: Research In Motion BlackBerry Playbook To Be Priced Around $350

Research In Motion BlackBerry revealed the latest tablet PC, Playbook, and it is said to be priced around $350 in the market. The latest tablet PC by RIM was unveiled on Monday, and it is really unbelievable that the device weighs only 65% of the weight of the Apple iPad. It is also considered as a worthy competitor to the Apple iPad which has dominated the market for now.

The Playbook needs to be priced very wisely by the company, as there are some really tough competitors in the gadget market today. The consumer will be very choosy when he will be going for a tablet PC, especially when it comes to affordability. The Playbook features a 7 inch touch scene and comes with the latest QNX software which has been recently purchased by RIM, in addition to this it also comes with a front and rear facing camera

The pricing of the Playbook should be around $300-$350, which seems like to be a fair price, plus it will attract and keeps the customers in a comfort zone. Pricing the device between $500-$800, will let the device fall in the category of the Apple iPad, as iPad sells on its loyalty and brand name in the market. We really look forward to this awesome gadget in the future and we also hope that it gains good popularity in the market.


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