Asia Bizz: BlackBerry Playbook Takes On Rival Apple iPad, Who Is Worthy?

BlackBerry RIM recently unveiled the latest BlackBerry Playbook tablet PC, which will be up for sale pretty soon by next year. But BlackBerry Playbook is not the lone tablet PC in the market, it has a worthy contender too opposite it, who has already captured the market, the Apple iPad. But the iPad was thrashed recently after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which had loads of better and superior feature compared to the iPad.

So Research In Motion too has brought in its latest player, the Playbook, which is ever ready to play around with the other tablets in the market. And now we have brought the two tablet PC rivals face to face to see who is the better worth.

Operating System: The BlackBerry runs on the QNX software which has been recently purchased by RIM, and the Apple iPad runs on a iOS, a user friendly OS, due to which the console has gained popularity.

Display: The Display of the iPad is massive, if compared as per a tablet, it has a 9.7 inch touch screen which makes convenience and handling of the gadget complicated. On the other hand Playbook comes with a 7 inch convenient screen small and portable.

Processor/RAM/Graphics: The Apple iPad comes with an Apple A4 (ARMv7) – 1GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM and has a PowerVR SGX 535 Graphics. On the other hand BlackBerry boasts dual-core Corex A9 – 1GHz Processor and 1 GB RAM.

Camera: Its really sad and disappointing that the iPad does not come with a camera, seriously strange for a company like Apple. The Playbook features with two front and rear facing camera, which is 5 mega pixel and 3 mega pixel each for the users convincer.

To end the whole conclusion here, it seems that BlackBerry Playbook is way better than the iPad, especially talking about the features present in each of the gadgets. So for Apple, they really need to think of an upgrade in their device, as other companies are passing its iPad very easily in terms of features and price.


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