Asia Bizz: Gold Prices Soar Record High In Europe, Economies Look Forward To US

The gold prices around the world has reached a record high price and the economies around the world are eying towards the wobbling US economy, that it can invest more in the bullion and undermine the dollar currency. It was a shock to see the gold prices touching $1,313.20/ounce in the US market.

Due to the rise in gold prices, other precious metal prices too rose sky high this week. Silver touched the highest in 30 years along with platinum which touched a four month high record in the market. There is no strong issue with the other metals but gold is proving to be a problem now.

Most of the world economies are unstable and with the rising gold prices this can make situations worse. Gold is an important asset in the country as it is used to stabilize the currency flow and credit back up for a particular nation. Economies are eying US, that it will invest in Gold and aim the metal as an important asset.


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