Asia Bizz: Facebook And Skype May Sign Deal For Video Chat Feature On Website

Facebook and Skype may enter into a deal, to provide a voice chat feature on the social networking website. Facebook which is today the largest social networking website in the world, is looking forward to add this unique feature on the website, for members to have access into video chat.

Sources have stated, the deal may be announced by sometime in the coming few weeks. If Facebook acquires this feature then it will provide the Facebook users with voice and video chat convenience. But on the other hand, both Facebook and Skype have refused to comment over the topic, still for many analysts the deal looks very exciting and promising.

One particular rumor or fact one can assume any, which has been hovering around on the web, states that this move to link with Skype is a strong answer to Google’s voice mail ability in the Gmail service. It can be mapped out this way, it was a hard blow for Facebook, as Google was stealing away users from Facebook, who wanted the voice chat service, for slap on the face of Skype, as Google was pulling away its customers too, who wanted the feature of social networking. So now both Skype and Facebook will be coming together and will be firing back on Google with this strong message.


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