Asia Bizz: Mahindra ‘Mojo’ Motorcycle To Be Launched In India

Mahindra Two Wheelers will be launching its first motorcycle, ‘Mojo’, in India. The exact launch dates are still not known, but the launch will be done as soon as possible. The most exciting part of Mojo, is that it is 300 cc motorcycle and will be giving strong competition to the Kawasaki Ninja that is suppose to be the first proper commuting sports bike in India.

The specifications of the bike are not officially released but there are some really strong assumptions by experts on how the vehicle is about to be. The 300cc mill looks to be a sure shot, and that it will be coming with a liquid cooling system, in addition to this its is surely fuel injected.

The motorcycle will be sitting on a mono suspension and quick responsive shocks in the front. The bike also features front and rear disc brakes, for accurate stopping. The motorcycle is built to take on its competitors in the Indian bike, which notably are very few. But we hope that this bike really makes it to the Indian market as there is a desprate need of a proper sports or a powerful bike for many enthusiasts who are residing in India.


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