Asia Bizz: BMW Motors To Provide Car Engines To SAAB Motor Company

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) motors has agreed to provide car  engines to SAAB motors. The German Car manufacturing giant, BMW will be selling their engine technology to the Spyker Cars derivative in Sweden, SAAB, in motive to earn extra revenue. BMW will be producing engines for the Swedish car maker, and will be delivering them by 2012.

It is a very strong move by BMW, as it has agreed to sell its engine technology to another car company. As both the car companies will strengthen their bonds by linking together, BMW has not yet disclosed any sort of financial details to the public.

The new series of engines will help SAAB to improve fuel efficiency and reduce environmental pollution norms by the vehicle. It is reported that the engine will be produced at the Hams Hall engine plant in the U.K. The new engines will be helping SAAB tremendously, as it will be enhancing their sales and boosting the company’s presence in the market, and as well as bring in some strong profit revenue by sales.


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