While the government of Indonesia was preparing for reopening Bali for foreign tourists, concerns regarding the fresh spike of the virus could lead to a delay in the plans. The country’s economy depends mostly on tourism and reopening of the borders for foreign tourists would be an important step. Tourism minister of Indonesia during an interview has hinted that the reopen will have to wait till the COVID-19 cases drop significantly.

The economy of Bali has already been devastated ever since the outbreak that started off early in 2020. For decades, the country has been a popular spot for honeymooners and holidayers. Bali is home to some spectacular beaches, vibrant night life and its unique display of Hindu culture. Sandiaga Uno, the minister of tourism, and cultural economy while talking to the reporters during the interview said that they were earlier looking for the end of July or the beginning of August for the reopen but they need to be careful now due to the recent spike.

Uno added that they will now be waiting for the situation to be more favourable. In recent weeks, the coronavirus cases in Indonesia have significantly spikes. A fourfold rise has been noticed in the past month. Official data has suggested that there are nearly 200 cases per day on an average. Uno expressed that he wants the figure to go down to at least 30 to 40 cases per day before they decide to reopen. The actual figure of Bali could vary as the number of tests conducted is very low.

The vaccination drive in Bali is on full swing with nearly 71 percent of the population has received the first dose. In future Bali expects to attract some of the big companies including international entrepreneurs apart from the traditional tourists. The government is planning to offer five-year visas under a new scheme that has been proposed.

Photo Credits: Pixabay