Asia Bizz: China Has Summoned Strict Warnings To US Over Yuan Bill

China has summoned strict warnings to the US over the Yuan bill which the country has discussed recently. The Chinese officials have stated that the Yuan bill will certainly spoil the relations with the United States, as this will hamper the growth of the Chinese currency. China has said, that using the renminbi exchange rate issue as an excuse to place a trade protectionism against China.

The whole scenario will not enhance anything, except that it will be hampering the relations between China and United States. The officials have said, they urge the US Congress to rethink over the issue, and avoid the bill to promote protectionism in trade with China.

The United States should clearly understand the China US relations, and should keep in mind the sentiments of the people connected with the trade system. The United States imports heavily from China, and by adding protectionism in trade will be making matters worse between the two countries. China has been a world player in particularly the trade aspects but, China is certainly not hampering the growth of any nation’s economy.


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