Asia Bizz: Stuxnet Worm Attack On Iran Could Possibly Have An Israeli Origin

There is a new twist to the Stuxnet worm attack on Iran, it is said that there could be a possibility that the origin of the virus could be of Israel. The question which arises here, is how could it be, the answer possibly,and not a confirmation, is that the code on the Stuxnet virus is Myrtus, and the translation of Myrtus in Hebrew is Esther.

It is now in the Book Of Ester in the Bible that it is written, the Jews had used a plot to destroy the Persian alliance. As per the security software experts, the Stuxnet worm can also hit the sophisticated US Nuclear Facilities, and thus the suspicion went over Israel.

There are many reasons to doubt Israel behind the attacks, one reason is that Israel has poured a lot of finance and research into the Unit 8200, which is said to be Israel’s secretive Cyber warfare facility, and that the attacks over Iran’s nuclear facility could be a clear warning by them. For the moment there are only assumption on whether Israel could be in this, no one has taken the claim of creating it.


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