Asia Bizz: Nokia Begins Shipment Of The N8 Model

Nokia has said that is has begun the shipment of its latest flagship mobile phone the N8. After the launch of this mobile, the share prices of the worlds leading mobile manufacturer saw some positive increase in the market. Nokia’s share prices shot up by 3.5% touching €7.46. This is a strong step taken by Nokia boost its sales in the global market once again.

Nokia finally managed to launch the mobile and start the shipments of the model, as it was delayed for some time now. As per the analysts, the N8 is a direct challenger to the Apple iPhone. The new mobile is said to bring huge difference in the profit earnings of the company, which can be seen from the fourth quarter.

The new N8 was a necessity for Nokia, as its sales and the presence in the global phone market was slowly being erased. In another side of the scenario, it also reflects that Nokia is attempting to come back as the most expensive mobile phone manufacturer.


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