Asia Bizz: Deflation And Jobless Rate In Japan Decreases, Economic Recovery Is Steady

There is a new ray of hope for Japan, as the country’s deflation and jobless rates have decreased compared to as it was before and in addition to this the nation is witnessing economic stability after a long time. The policy makers have now started to take measures to protect the country from the strengthening Yen.

Jobless rate in the country fell to 5.1% from 5.2%, which does look impressive if compared collectively. These are the signs that show Japan is going to be stabilized very soon in terms of its economy. Japan seems to be the most stable and positive country in the world. If we compare the nation with the countries which had been affected by the global economic catastrophe, Japan is looking very well.

After the Yen climbed to a 15 year high rate compared to the Dollar, it was witnessed that, the currency did effect the country’s trade sector, but now it has been stabilized. Japan has to seek out policies to sustain this growth rate of its, as if it want to come back having a normal economy rate, sustained growth.