Asia Bizz: Stuxnet Worm Origin Clues Emerge After Investigation

The Stuxnet Worm which attacked the Iran Nuclear facility a couple of weeks back, is now being investigated properly. There are clues emerging about its origin, and it is said that the most dangerous virus in the world could have been originated from Israel. The suspicion over Israel has been occurred during a Virus Bulletin Conference in Vancouver Canada.

During the conference China has shown more interest over the virus attack, as it has stated that they have suffered such attacks recently. It has been reported that Israel has been financially funding the Unit 8200 heavily, a military facility where there has been some recent research and development in fighting cyber wars. It is said that a file name in the Stuxnet virus is Myrtus, when translated in Hebrew is Esther. It is written in the Book of Esther in the Bible, that the Jews had devised an unbeatable plan to defeat the Persians.

What we see here today is that, Stuxnet is like an ultimate cyberweapon, which can demolish a particular country from within. In this way the opponent will have clear advantage over its enemy, without even being traced.


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