Asia Bizz: Motorola Sued By Microsoft Corp. Over Patent Infringement In Android Phones

Microsoft Corp. has sued mobile phone manufacturer Motorola, over a patent infringement on their Android Phones line up. It has been reported that, Motorola infringed nine different patents in the production of the Android run smartphones. What we see here is another dawn of a legal battle between two technology giants.

In brief what we see has happened here is, Microsoft basically charges the mobile phone producing companies who are using the Windows Phone Operating System. Motorola too was one of their clients, so today Motorola has shifted to a more advanced OS, the Google Android as this OS is absolutely free, and as a result of this the relations between the two companies has been hampered.

Microsoft spokesperson said that the patents are in connection with synchronizing e-mail, calendars and contacts, scheduling meetings and notifying applications of changes in signal strength and battery power, which has been successfully patented by Microsoft. Motorola on the other hand said that it has not yet received the copy of the suit filed by Microsoft, but in addition to this they have made a stern statement saying, that they will vigorously defend themselves over this lawsuit.


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