Asia Bizz: Stuxnet Super Virus Also Attacked China

The latest super virus, Stuxnet, which attacked Iran’s Nuclear Facility, is reported to have attacked China too. Some of the industrial computing systems and hardware run by the Siemens software were affected by the Stuxnet worm. Now there is a fear shown by the US, that if the virus could hit China, then the United States is not missing on its list.

China has stated that there are almost six million industrial computing systems affected by the malicious worm, these machines are considered the most important part of an functioning industry. The Stuxnet virus aims only Siemens run industrial software which runs machinery within a particular industry.

Stuxnet in known as a secret thief also, as after installing itself in an industrial computer, it reprograms the commands for a particular machine or hardware, and provides dangerous commands to them. In addition to this, it also steals sensitive information from the computing system and sends it to the server of the country where it has come from. Many countries around the world have buckled themselves to fight against his virus, as they have prepared anti-viruses that can neutralize the Stuxnet worm program.


  1. I think Israel may have made a very big mistake with the proliferation of this worm. If it is traced to that country, Israel will have a lot of explaining to do to the UN and various contries hit by this attack. It could be considered an act of war and dose Israel really want to be at war with China?

  2. If this virus was created by a country’s government-backed hackers, won’t it have been programed to “miss” that country’s systems or at least the critical ones? What countries are not reporting being hit hard? Wouldn’t that be a clue as to the source since this virus reportedly has escaped detection by all anti-virus programs?

    There seems to be conflicting reports. Some say it reports back what it finds. Others say it does no harm if it doesn’t find the specialized equipment it was designed to sabotage. Interesting situation, if nasty work by someone.

  3. I have a friend in the banking security business. He said the worm is definitely military or high end government. Would take a lot of money, knowledge and access to testing systems to create a program this complex. Apparently there are fingerprints to Pakistan in the code.

  4. Israel targeted China on purpose you can bet. It will target the USA next. When will people learn it is friend to no one.

  5. Oh the horror. Let’s shut down the internet, but wait, this virus cannot be transferred via the internet.

  6. Israel won’t target the USA. Israel is the bitch of British and American banking. The virus will probably attack Russia next. This is ultimately a “British” attack to further align China with Iran and/or Pakistan, putting all Wall Street IOUs into a new “axis of evil” that will be zeroed out with nuclear weapons.

  7. It was only a matter of time before Israels belligerent, criminal and openly insane behaviour backfired bigtime. It has been widely reported today that Iran has opened up it’s airspace to Chinese military aircraft, fighter aircraft in particular……China has every right to deem this an act of war and act apon the attack in no uncertain terms. China will of course be labelled “anti semitic” if they protest the sabotage, best they just whack Israel and make the biggest contribution to world peace since 1948.

  8. This was the safest way to keep Irna from gettign nukes anytime soon. Food prices are rising, plagues of locusts are attacking Australia and every country has Jeruslaem as a burdensome stone. The rapture is soon

  9. Did someone really write “I have a friend in banking security?” The instant I read that, I laughed, thank you kind sir for the laugh. Having a friend does not provide your comment with credentials. I am in security, not banking, Department of Defense information security. I have reviewed the code and did not see finger prints to Pakistan contained within it. Perhaps your “friend” could elaborate on his vast knowledge of international industrical/political espionage. BTW I have a friend that works at McDonnalds he doesn’t even know what STUXNET is! 😉

  10. The right thing to do now is to trace the virus back to its source…I am quite sure we have got amazing Hackers that would be more than happy to help us out . Once we find the source/state…well, we should punish them accordingly.