Asia Bizz: China And Japan Should Rebuild Ties Once Again

China and Japan should rebuild their recently broken ties once again, as they are considered Asia’s major economic powers. These two major economic power should come together for the sake of global economic rebuilding. Asia is considered as the biggest economy growing region in the world, with most of the major economic powers outside the American continent are located in Asia.

China-Japan relations were hampered recently after a Chinese Fishing Trawler captain was arrested in the Japanese region for trespassing. If there is a need to develop Asia’s economy further more, then it should be noted that the economic, strategic and developmental relations between China and Japan needs to resume.

Japan released that Captain and the boat, and dropped the charges against him. In addition to this Japan also stated that it has thought over the ties of China and Japan, and as a reason to this they have released the captain. There are no doubts indeed that China and Japan will be playing important roles in the coming future, especially stabilizing the bruised economy of the west. So we hope that they rebuild those broke relations by keeping the past behind.


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