Asia Bizz: India Finding Ways To Monitor BlackBerry Message Service

India is trying to find appropriate ways to monitor BlackBerry’s messaging service. India is really worried about the messaging service by BlackBerry, and so the officials want to find an appropriate way to intercept the messaging service which also includes emailing. India and BlackBerry were into a technological tiff recently, over the BlackBerry services and the national security.

Now the countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE along with India have straight access to monitor the BlackBerry services, which they had felt, had heavy encryption in them. India had warned BlackBerry that if they were not provided to gain access to monitor their services, then they would ban the whole BlackBerry system in India.

Telecommunications Secretary of India, R. Chandrashekhar, said in an interview that “There are certain categories (monitoring of communication) where things are possible, there are certain categories where the same kind of interception is not possible”. Now the Indian government has taken up the initiative to find out different ways to intercept the BlackBerry Messaging service.


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