Asia Bizz: Nokia N8 Smartphone, Best Offering By Nokia: Review

The latest Nokia N8 Smartphone is the best offering currently by the Nokia after a very long time. The latest smartphone is said to be launched, to take on the other smartphones in the market, which has been offered Nokia’s competitors. The latest N8 is running on the Symbian 3 mobile operating system, which is the newest OS by the Symbian company.

In addition to this the recent gadget by Nokia, it has loads of new features, to offer its users. One of the most exciting features is the 12 mega pixel camera, which is said to be in the N8, and is one of the most powerful camera’s on any mobile phone, and it comes with a Carl-Zeiss lens.

On the other hand the smartphone also comes with a 3.5 inch OLED touch screen, which is the latest in the technology offering, found only on a few smartphones in the market. Nokia has been loosing its grip from the mobile market since a long time now, and its competitors have come up with better smartphones for the consumers.

Nokia feels that after the launch of the new N8, it will be showing some positive signs in the market once again, but the point of worry here is that other smartphones will be relatively priced lesser than the N8 and this smartphone does not have anything very unique to flaunt about, except its humongous camera. Nokia will need to concentrate more on the pricing of the mobile, for the company is known for selling phones with a high price tag.


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