Asia Bizz: Apple iPad Is Officially On Sale On The Amazon Online Store

It is officially stated that the Apple iPad is now on sale on the Amazon online store from Monday this week. Amazon has now become the first online retailer in the world to sell the Apple iPad through its website, except Apple’s itself.  What seems strange here is, that Amazon is selling a product through its site, which also known as the Kindle Killer.

But consipiracies apart, selling the Apple iPad from Amazon, is good deal, if spoken through financial aspects. Amazon is not only looking to make direct profit from selling the iPad’s, but also by selling the Kindle applications for the iPads. As it is known that the Kindle Applications are considered to be way superior to the iPad applications.

We still dont know why the iPad is known to be a Kindle Killer, for the Kindle is feature wise better and superior to the Apple iPad, and its applications are uncommentable. Well what ever the Amazon is selling, we wish that they do really good business in the e-book market globally.


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