Asia Bizz: Dick Costolo Promoted As New Twitter Inc. Chief

Dick Costolo has been promoted to be the chief of Twitter, one of the world’s largest social networking websites. It is reported that the latest CEO is more focused on building the company through revenue earning aspects. The previous CEO Evan Williams, had more of a product strategy building plans for Twitter.

After joining Twitter in the year 2009, he helped the company gain revenue through online advertising services, and also brought success by joining hands with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. He has been a good leader and has diversified the company’s earning techniques. Twitter was founded in the year 2006, and it spent its early years in developing the site and attracting users, not on building revenue.

After being established firmly in web world, it is now focusing on earning and revenue through the means of advertising. Prior to last month, Twitter’s outlook was very bland and pale, it did not look attractive to the user, but the service was excellent. Last month the website was revamped, changed the whole outlook and was presented to the world in a whole new avatar. These are the signs that show, Twitter is gaining its hold in the web market and with a new CEO in place we hope it even gets better in the future.


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