Asia Bizz: Nokia N9 Smartphone To Enter Markets, Said To Be A Near Perfect Phone

Nokia’s latest N9 smartphone is still under development and will be launched very soon. It is also said that this phone is almost a near perfect smartphone, something that the company is really going to be proud of. The N9 is going to be the flagship phone for Nokia after it is officially launched, and there is a lot of expectation from this phone.

Some experts have said that the efforts of Nokia is building the N9 is really working out, and it is actually looking very good, at least if we speak in the terms of the hardware. What seems here is that, it is the first time, that Nokia has actually got their hardware development right on a phone, which can be to be a competitive phone in the market.

But if we come to the point of software on the phone, the experts outside are really not happy with or we can say its not up to the mark. The phone is scheduled to be entering in the mobile market somewhere in the year 2011, which gives them ample of time for research and development on this gadget.


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