Asia Bizz: Panasonic ‘Jungle’ Latest Hand Held Game Console Unveiled

Panasonic has recently unveiled the ‘Jungle’ which is a new generation hand held portable game console. The latest gaming gadget is aimed towards the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) players in the market. Anyone who has seen and played on this gaming console, has become crazy about the high definition graphics on it.

The last time Panasonic entered the world of the hand held gaming was almost 17 years ago, with the launch of the Panasonic 3DO. The question today is whether they can once again create that same magic that they had 17 years back, but this time in the world of Nintendo PlayStation, Microsoft and Apple?

There are only a few details available with sources, about this gaming console. All that we know is that it is a pioneer in HD and has a full fledged qwerty keypad. The gaming gadget is the size of a portable DVD player, which seems to be quite big. We can only cross our fingers now, if we speak about the success of this gadget, because the market is already crowded with superior players like Sony and Nintendo.


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