Asia Bizz: Skype On Phone Is Now Available On Android Run Devices

Skype On phone is now available all on Android run devices, which also includes smartphones. The Skype on phone application will be officially running on any compatible Android device, but only on version 2.1 or higher. Its a really great innovation that Android and Skype together have come up with. As we can see that one will be able to make calls from his phone through Skype, with using the conventional process of dialing.

Users will be able to make free Skype-to-Skype calls from the phone itself, and will also be able to send and receive internet messages on Skype for free. Skype will also enable the user to call regular landlines and cellphones through Skype if one is registered. Skype calls are relatively cheaper than normal phone calls. Making international phone calls through Skype will cost more cheap, compared to the conventional calling rates.

The Skype for phone was launched for the iOS platform in the month of May 2010, after which it was a sensation in the market. We now hope that Skype For Phone on the Android platform too will be a success, as it is known that the Android OS is better than the Apple iOS. Users can install application from or purchase it from the Android market.


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