Asia Bizz: Motorola To Unveil Droid Pro Smartphone In November

Motorola Inc. will be unveiling its latest Droid Pro Smartphone to the global market in the first week of November. The Droid Pro is really going to be a surprise for the Droid users, as this smartphone features like a BlackBerry style outlook and is powered by a 1Ghz processor. The latest smartphone is built for a full fledged business usage for corporate people.

CEO Of Motorola, Mr. Sanjay Jha, has stated that, the Droid Pro is built for speed, convenience and better productivity for the business world. Droid Pro will be running on the Android 2.2 and will feature social networking and various business services.

It also comes with the latest Microsoft Exchange support, which comes with various business phone functions. The Droid will be catered by Verizon, and is using the Google search engine and not the Microsoft Bing. The smartphone has a 3.1 inch and is not at all providing low resolution display.

Other features include a 5 mega pixel camera and also a 2 GB inbuilt and 2 GB external memory. It now seems that Motorola is really looking forward to make its smartphone line-up concrete in the global market. But it should also remember the number of competitors it has, and that it needs to outperform them to stand in a better position.


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