Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, has said that Microsoft’s Windows run ‘Slate’ tablet PC’s will be unveiled during Christmas in December. It is clear now that Microsoft is gearing up to take on other tablet OS’s which run on the Google, Apple and BlackBerry operating systems. Ballmer told that students at the London School of economics that, very soon they will be seeing tablet PC’s which will be running on Windows.

During the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in January, Ballmer had stated that there will be Windows OS run Tablet PC, called the HP Slate, which will be termed as a perfect Apple iPad killer. But later HP dropped the Windows plan for their Slate as they said it wasn’t that attractive and capable like the Android and iOS.

Some months later, the Asus Eee Pad was spotted with a Windows OS in it but, we are not sure enough whether Asus will be going ahead with it. It is not yet disclosed which gadget will be running on the Windows OS by December, but it is a promise by Microsoft, so we have to wait for it.


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