Asia Bizz: Facebook Announcement: Three New Features To Be Added On The Website For The Users

Facebook has recently made an announcement that, it will be adding three new features to the website, for the convenience of the users. By the access of these new features, the user can easily have stronger control over the information that they are sharing and receiving on the social network. According to the Facebook spokesperson, these features are the biggest change that the website is ever seeing years.

One of the features which will be introduced on Facebook is, the users will be able to create a specific friends group and will have the liberty to share information with them only. Another feature on the website will include, the user will be able to create groups, in which the members in this particular group will be able to benefit in the work within it.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the people on Facebook have the urge to share a lot, but are always limited due to the privacy setting and other reasons. Another exciting feature which will be added to the website, is the ability to download their personal information.

A user can download all the personal information he needs, which include recent wall posts, photos shared, comments made and messages sent. We can see here that, Facebook has entered into the next level of Social Networking, and this the reason that they are the most successful networking website in the world.


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