Asia Bizz: Verizon iPhone Is Rumored To Be Launched By Next Year

Verizon is said to be coming with its iPhone by sometime in the next year, but is it a rumor or a truth. One of the Wall Street Journal reports state that Verizon will be coming up with iPhone by the beginning of the next year. Many people who have heard the news are shocked and question how could this happen.

The reports state, that Apple will be launching a brand new iPhone, for Verizon, and will be completely using a different wireless technology, which is compatible for Verizon. It will be using the same outlook similar to the AT&T’s iPhone 4.

The alternative technology is nothing but CDMA (code division multiple access), which will be featuring in the new Verizon iPhone, and is also used by Sprint and other carriers in the US. The other technology available is the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), which is featured in AT&T and T-Mobile.


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