The government officials have stated that the number of job lost in the year 2009 in the US, were higher than it was expected, but even though there was an undercount, the quantity of jobs lost is way less when it was during the peak period of the recession. The Labor Department stated that they had an undercount of 902,000 jobs in the year 2009.

According to the analysts, they expect a smaller miscount this year, for there has be reputable growth in the economy and production of jobs, especially during the second half of the year. The system that the department follows, is that once a year, the department goes through the companies payrolls and other sheets, in a step to identify, the number of people that have joined, working and lost their jobs.

The department expects to make a less miscount this time, as the country recovered strongly in the second half of 2009. Even though there is a broad concept that the department needs to cover, it is seen that this time the number of jobless rates are much lesser than compared to last time.


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