Asia Bizz: The First Look At The Motorola Droid Pro Smartphone

Motorola will be launching its latest Smartphone, the Droid Pro, which is termed to be a direct competitor to the BlackBerry. The latest phone is expected to do really well in the market and especially when it has loads of features in it. But then there are also other competitors in the smartphone market that can give the Droid a run for making sales in the global markets.

After the statement of the new droid phone, tech experts are having some mixed opinions about it. It is indeed featuring a qwerty keypad and a large screen, but this somewhat same what the BlackBerry too offers its users.

The phone is running on an Android 2.2, which is the latest and the best operating system in the market today. The reason it is providing mixed reactions from the people is that, the looks of the smartphone is not appealing the users as the other smartphones do. But for the moment, we hope that this phone does really good in the market, for Motorola has been working from a long time to get a proper smartphone in the latest gadgets line up.


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