Asia Bizz: BlackBerry Issue Resolved In The UAE, Service To Continue From Monday

BlackBerry is reported to have been cleared out its issues with the UAE, as the Middle East country had threatened to ban the service in their country. A news agency in the UAE has declared that the country will be resuming their services from Monday. The country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has said that the BlackBerry services will resume from Monday and there no such bans involved on the company.

There are some 500,000 BlackBerry service users in the entire emirates, and finally the country has reprieved BlackBerry to continue its service in the country. It took the UAE some three years to make BlackBerry run in their country according their rules.

UAE was worried about the message encryption which is used in the BlackBerry messaging and emailing service. The country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority were not able to decode the encryption and thus there was a national security threat for UAE. The officials have said that this a positive out come because of a healthy understanding and collaboration between UAE and Research In Motion.


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