Asia Bizz: US Economy Sheds Out 95,000 Jobs For The Month Of September

It is happening again, this time the US economy has shed some 95000 jobs in the month of September. This is the fourth month in a row that that the US economy has witnessed shedding in jobs. Payrolls in the government sector fell badly and the private hiring has been less than it was expected to be.

The private hiring has been the main backbone of the US economy to keep the employment rate stable. Some 77000 private jobs were terminated from the economy which has been a contributor to the total number of jobs lost in the country.

The unemployment rate remained unchanged on 9.6% and this a real point of worry for America. The US Federal Government has already pushed in some $1.7 trillion into the economy is a hope to see some positive stability, but last month has been really disappointing as huge number of jobs have been lost again.


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