Asia Bizz: The New Fiat Linea T-Jet In India, Could This Be The Beginning Of The Turbo Petrol Phase

The new Fiat Linea T-Jet (Turbo Jet) has arrived in India, and could this be a new phase of turbo petrol in the country. The petrol engines provides stronger boost, pick-up and speed to the vehicle. Fiat will be coming with the new Linea, with a 1.4L engine and this puts this pretty looking car from Italy go really fast and furious.

The turbo petrol is a high performance engine, and one will need to sacrifice on the fuel efficiency when it comes to making this Italian stallion run berserk on the highway. But Fiat claims that all is not unwell with the Linea and the customer should not think that it has a pet mammoth in the garage when they have bought it, they say that the latest engine does provide very good fuel efficiency in the city streets.

The Linea’s T-Jet will do something what the iVTEC did to the Honda cars, provide better efficiency along-with high power. The Linea is not the first Turbo Petrol car in India, prior to this, Skoda launched the Octavia vRS, or rally sport edition, which pumped out a massive 150 bhp, and clocked speeds exceeding to 200 kmph. But it did not manage to attract the Indian customers, for its engine was a bit more thirsty than it was expected. But we hope that the Linea makes a strong impression on the Indian streets and its customers, as they have already sold an impressive number of cars in India.


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