Asia Bizz: Transmission Of Data And Voice, Not Available In Verizon iPhone

There are more bad omens rising for the Verizon iPhone, and now it is reported that transmission of data and voice will not unable on the new iPhone. Verizon has become the second US carrier to provide the iPhone though its service. But this is really sad from the part of Verizon, that one will not be able to send emails or surf while talking on the phone.

This has become a serious drawback for Verizon, as the Verizon iPhone was eagerly awaited by the US customers for a really long time. Apple on the other has stated that it will begin the production of the CDMA version of the iPhone early next year for Verizon.

Verizon and other mobile operators in the US, prefer the CDMA technology for their phones, but its weird that the CDMA technology requires more battery than a normal GSM phone. CDMA technology is widely used in America, but very less in the European nations and Asia. We cant predict much from here onwards, as of what Verizon will be able to do in the market, but with glitches like these, we hope they dont fall into some sort of an irreparable problem.


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