Asia Bizz: Microsoft May Takeover Adobe, A Deal That Wont Be Profitable For Any Of The Companies

It has been rumored that Microsoft Corp. is in the move to take over Adobe, but according to experts, this will be profitable to none of the companies. Adobe on the other hand has refused to make any comment on this situation. The rumor or could be a fact, went out to the public, when Microsoft and Adobe thought of teaming up against Apple dominion over the tech market.

There was a massive meeting in which both companies spoke about Apple’s moves in the market, and a possible take over too has been discussed. But the why would Microsoft go and buy Adobe, the company values $13.5 billion and has annual revenue of $3.2 billion, MS can do a take over but it will be useless against Apple.

Microsoft on the other hand does not need any more additional revenue in the market, as it is doing really well with its Windows OS. It seems it may just be a rumor as both companies dont need each other, but will need to work together to tackle Apple.


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