Asia Bizz: Skoda Unveils Octavia Green E Line Concept Car At 2010 Paris Motor Show

Skoda Motors has unveiled the Octavia Green E Line Concept at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The vehicle is Skoda’s first electric vehicle, which proves that the company is technologically capable enough to produce green vehicles. The company has said that it wants to provide the customers with good vehicles, that are green and friendly to the environment.

The Chairman of Skoda Prof. Dr. Winfried Vahland, spoke on the vehicle saying, “The Octavia Green E Line embodies the values of the brand absolutely perfectly – the vehicle combines the desire for individual mobility with our environmental goals”. The car is based on the outlook of the Skoda Octavia Combi, which is a station wagon model.

The Octavia puts out a consistent 60 Kw of power, and a maximum of 85 Kw. Being a electric vehicle, the E Line is not a slow car at all, it accelerates from 0-100 in about 12 seconds, and clips a top speed of 135 kmph, as fast as a normal fuel car. The Skoda will be giving an efficient range of 140 km per charge, which is very impressive.

Most of the car companies in the world are investing in electric vehicles, and they know that electric cars are going to be the future of the car market and that they will be providing strong sales too. Let us wait and see how does the Skoda Octavia Green E Line performs when it is available in the market.


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