Asia Bizz: Google Develops A New Self Driven Robot Car

Technology giant Google, has successfully developed a new self driven Robot Car, which has already hit the streets. Its an exceptional feat that Google has achieved, as the company till date, were solely developing and dealing with software and web technology. It is said that the new robot car is capable enough to drive itself.

Reports state that the robo car project was secretly developed by Google and they have finally brought it down on the streets for the first time. The new car is reported to drive itself without any human assistance. The company wanted to prove the world that it was not joking and hence, they sent out a few cars on the streets of California, in which the cars safely navigated themselves through the traffic without hitting anyone.

The Google car uses Artificial Intelligence technology, in which the car takes a decision on its own, which makes it very capable to undertake a safe drive. If the car makes a mistake while driving, it will alert the driver in the vehicle to take care of it. It is an unbelievable moment for the whole technology universe, as Google has managed to create something that was only seen in fantasy stories and movies.


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