Asia Bizz: Tata Aria Launched In India, First Crossover Vehicle By Tata

The Tata Aria has been launched in India on Monday, and the vehicle is considered to be the first crossover by Tata. The vehicle is crossover between a SUV and a MUV, which has a 2.2 ltr diesel engine, and is priced at around Rs. 15 Lakhs, which is a bit expensive compared to a crossover in India. Another version of the Tata Aria is also available in the market, called the Tata Aria Adapterra, which is a 4×4 vehicle and will be priced at Rs. 17 Lakhs.

Tata officials have stated that the vehicle will be competing against the Mitsubishi Outlander in India, which costs Rs.19 Lakh. The company has manufactured the car by aiming it in the foreign markets, specifically to be exported out of India.

First the vehicle will be exported in Europe and then later in the Latin Americas and Asia. For this the company will also come with a left hand drive version of the vehicle, so it could be exported to other countries. Tata is now considered to be the worlds fifth largest automotive company and it has take a huge step in exporting vehicles into the foreign markets, especially by launching the Tata Aria.


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